Sunday, February 8, 2009

bein a girl!


tat just bout sums up wat iv gotta say bout wats been happening around lately...but i guess.. its somehow important to be civilised even if no one around you seem to-"get it"!! so.. here i am.. tryin to put across.. aal the frustration into some good use.. :) it could have been so much better.. but.. as of now.. yeah!

so gettin back to wy im here in the first place.. is it cos i wanna be.. or is it cos.. i can be.. well.. i don think its either.. its cos some souls around probably think i cant be?? or is it i shudn be??!
m sorry if its confusin u.. but hey, am confused too!!

apparently,i dont enjoy the many priveleges of an established society.. lik many else around me.. and tats seemingly cos am a GIRL!...
yeah.. one of the many.. u see running around trying to do somethin good for themselves,for the world around them.. for the place i work for.. for the family i get back home to after a busy day..for everything else too.. cos.. i am grateful to be who i am.. n wat i can be..
but then.. REALITY CHECK....
i cant speak back if someone on the street.. someone i need not necessarily barely recognise either... has something to say bout how pretty i look.. well, ill just wanna think.. he`s just a kind person..but not wanna acknowledge it for any damn reason n move on.. a few more steps down the road.. n.. am standin wit a bunch of my girlfriends.. waitin for a ride.. well.. ppl can be generous u kno.. ders the guy ridin his flashy car.. wit somethin bout 'all girls bein bitches' slammed across its doors.. but "generous" enuf to swoop up n down a cupla times.. honk for attention.. n then finally ask if v need a "lift"... if it probably wasn for the- "get the hell outta our faces" look,(which i believ every girl.. by 20 at max. just has to master in a city lik keep herself alive... for the next 20!..... it shud be taught wit the "PLEASE-SORRY-THANKYOU" if u ask me!!!) i dont kno if id get out of the place witout havin to hear somethin worse bout the entire "womankind"!!!
Well, it can oly get better rite??
so.. more "generosity" rite??...
so... this guy who thinks.. a bunch of helpless.. unarmed... well in their senses.. young women.. minding bout their own business... arent dressed "appropriately" or arent behaving so... just is so kind enuf to walk in to the place wit a bunch of "like minded generous hooligans" or probably.. just a few more young guys who hav seemingly taken up the responsibility of seeting things rite by something wrongly called "journalism??"! how??
well.. u kno.. generous as they are... they`d jus wanna grab a few of them.. pull out their hair.. slap a few around.. and stuff lik tat.. which hav surely horrored all of us.. thanks to the "JOURNO"covering the entire episode rather than calling the cops.... tats some 'loyalty to the job' huh??!?
so.. they dont lik wat a few of us wear...... y luk at us den??luk away.. luk elsewer if it bothers u tat much! i dont dress to impress the guy.. on the street i dont even kno.
Ironically, I HAPPEN TO KNO MY LIMITS!!! unlik the "generous" guys around the corner of the street waitin to pounce on me or harm me hiding behind the name of my own country`s culture...whichfor now.. i kno,definitely a little better than you do!

either way!!!
wy the hell shud the way i carry on my own goddamn life.. simply bother you! are you my father?? are u my brother.. are u my frnd??cos if u wer.. nd u had a prob wit nythin i did at any point of time.. id make sure id do everythin i could to make sure.. it would never happen again!

or do u jus lik many many cheap men around just think u own every girl tat walks the street just cos u see her?? ?? cos i think u do..
but ... is tat a gud enuf reason to hit us?? or is there any reason gud enuf at all???

so much... from a country... tat worships women!!
from a country tat boasts of already having had a woman PM..
from a country.. tat is referred to as a beautiful lady who kudn love her children any better!!

from a country.. i happen to love..
nd from a country.. which i thot loved us too..

i thot it was OK to be a girl..
suddenly.. it somehow is not..
cos... any lame person around seems to hav a better say in my own life than me! even as the whole world is watching.. i doubt if this will change.

The largest democracy... the developing nation.. heading to make the world a better place.. the amazing culture we carry which i happen to kno bout too.. n the values this has taught me..
heading towards global progress takin in aaaaal v can learn on our way.. but losing our very foundation becos of the very ppl i voted for.. just becos.. they just dont seem to care!!

i guess........ this is just how it is.
atleast as of now!